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It's great to see so many people have fond memories of Kilbirnie and amazing to see how many Kilbirnie people live overseas. I was born and bred in Kilbirnie and went to St Bridgits School up the Fudstone, my brother (Frank) and I left for Australia in the early eighties and have been back a couple of times since then - Kilbirnie still looks the same - just less shops. Keep up the good work with the website - it keeps a lot of travellers in touch with their roots. Tom Cullen Mon, 27 Jan 2003
In my genealogy travels I have uncovered that my Great Grand Parents ( Mr & Mrs William Milligian) lived at 63 Bank Street in kilbirnie around 1930.  I would like to know if you have any info on what is there now and if there are any Milligan's still in the area.  There were about 12 in the family. Anything you can provide will be greately appreciated.Thanks in advance, John Sellars (239)  Tue, 21 Jan 2003


Hello, my name is Lynda Moseley.  I live in the southern United States in the state of South Carolina.  I'm descended from David Crawford, born about 1625, the son of John Crawford, born about 1600 in Ayrshire.  I'm seeking general information about the Crawford family, and specific information about the identity of the parents of John and the name of his wife.   John purportedly immigrated to the state of Virginia in the United States from Scotland about the year 1643 with his son, David.  I would like to correspond with any Crawford descendents still living in the Kilbirnie area, to try and fill in some missing pieces of the family puzzle.  I have much information to share on David's American-born family.    Thank you for your time, Lynda Moseley  Mon, 20 Jan 2003

Hi my name is Letitia Harvey nee Kane i used to live in Auchenhove Cres. l left Kilbirnie 1961 l was 14. l still have a lot of family still in kilbirnie the Sneddons. l was delighted to find this site l would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year.  Thu, 2 Jan 2003


I'm personally so pleased to find such a website, as I found out not too long ago that my Great Great Grandparents  were from Kilbirnie - or at least GG-Father John Craig worked there at the farm that his wife Elizabeth Orr was born at - Stoneyholm.  They left for Canada 1841/42. There is a possibility that John came from Beith. I live in Cape Breton, Canada. Well done for putting together such an interesting site.
Thanks, David  Sat, 21 Dec 2002

hello! to all in kilbirnie my name is theresa daly does anbody know this name? i hope so i am liviing in italy but many years ago i lived in this beautiful town.thanyou so much for these sad but sweeet memories BUON NATALE KILBIRNIE! MERRY CRISTMAS Sat, 21 Dec 2002

hello to every one in kilbirnie. have a merry christmas and a good new year.  23-11-2002

Hi,I've just stumbled across your site and it's nice to see Kilbirnie represented. I was born in Kilbirnie but left when I was 13 in 1964. I still have fond memories of there. I'm now living in Worcestershire in central England but occasionally revisit Jim McKinley

sir:i am trying to locate members of my family in kilbirnie they are the children of jane mc taggart-john mc taggart-james mc taggart-catherine mc taggart who i think are still living in kilbirnie i am doing a family tree and would like to get in touch with them.any information would be appreciated thank you david mc taggart

Hi, I grew up in Kearny, NJ and always heard of Kilbirnie as"Hame."  My father's name was Barney Sharkey and my mother's name was Jenny (Henderson). They are long gone but I was browsing the Internet and found this site. I live in Cranford, NJ. My cousin Margaret Forrester is in touch with me through the magic of the Internet. I did get to meet a cousin a few years back when he came to the USA. I was trying to find out where my Granny Mary Sharkey was buried. Someone sent me the site of the Ardrossan cemetery but they have no records of her.  Can someone forward me information on the local cemeteries and churches. She was Catholic.May Smialkowski Sat, 26 Oct 2002

Hello to all in Kilbirnie.I wrote several months ago about my greatgranfather coming to America from Kilbirnie I'm now trying to locate other relatives.We have a Margaret Thompson who was my greatgranmother,Jean Brodie and George Campbell all dating back to middle 1800's and info anyone would have on these relatives of mine would be great,I plan on coming again with my Dad and brothers next summer..James Steele is buried in the Old Kirck cemeteryand also is a relative of e-mail is Have a great holiday season coming up.. Fri, 25 Oct 2002

HI! I was back on your site today and when I saw the pictures of the public  park. I sat here at my computer crying as I relived my days spent there with my children when I lived up the fudstone. And then when I came to the picture of the Dalry road from the park I cried again as I remembered , as a
teenager, watching the boys playing soccer and also remembering "the Gala".
Thank you so much for the memories!!!!!!! Louise K Thu, 24 Oct 2002

Just found the web site. My name is Paul Coughlin and I attended St. Bridgets from 1984-88. We moved from Kilbirnie in 1988 to San Diego. We have lived here ever since. I have the best memories about Kilbirnie and our whole family is coming home December 2002. Some of you might have known
my mum or dad, Jim and Lilian Coughlin so you can e-mail if you want to say hi! We are all looking foward to visit, Has alot changed since then? Paul
Coughlin   13/09/02

MY name is Connie Montgomery [  WILSON ] went to Ladyland / Central Schools lived in the Milton with my brother Raymond who now lives in Brisband Queenland.

I left Kilbirnie in 1965 and have very good memories of my 17 years there i now live in Melbourne Australia. i have had a great time going through the web site keep it up if any one out there who would like to get in touch please do , GREAT
RE: Connie < >    24/8/2002

I lived in Kilbirnie until a few years ago. I would like to get in touch with some of my classmates from Garnock Academy who were there between '89 and '94. My name is Andrew Craig and I now live and work in Aberdeen. You can contact me at

Hi I am looking for some help to look for information on kilbirnie past and present and photos and any other information could you help with websites or anything else i live in portland oregon however i grew up in kilbirnie i am 29 and my maiden name Kilpatrick  25/07/2002

i am looking for my fathers relatives in father david mc taggart was born in kilbirnie in the 1880's and emigrated to the usa and thence to canada before world war one.he had a brother robert?who emigrated to flint michigan.both are now deceased.any information would be appreciated.thank you david mc taggart  06/07/2002

Hi, My great-great-great-grandparents married in Kilbirnie in the late 1820's. Their names were Agness Montgomrie and Daniel Baxter. I have located information regarding two of their children so far, DanielBaxter (jnr) and Jane/Jean Baxter. I am a descendent of Jane Baxter. She was christened at the Church of Scotland Kilbirnie. Agness and Daniel also married here. Jane married a John James (I'm not sure where this occurred) and my father tells me they moved to Campbeltown, Argyllshire where they had my great-grandfather John James (jnr) and the family then moved to Australia at some later stage. Do you have a family history group/society in Kilbirnie? Do you know how I can find out more about these ancestors? As I live in Sydney in Australia I would be most grateful for any advice or assistance you could provide.  Kind regards, Jennifer James 06/07/2002

Hello, my name is Joe Steele and I'm proud to say my greatgrandfather came from Kilbirnie to America in the middle 1800s' to work in the woolen mills of upstate NY. My gradfather who  passed in 1959 told of how beautiful Kilbirnie and the surrounding area was.Since that time my father and brother visited Kilbirnie and myself with my wife and son visited in the year 2000. We visited the Old Kirck cemetery and found the stones of many friends my late greatgrandfather had.. I know this because my great grandfather John Brodie Steele was a poet of some measure and wrote in poems of Kilbirnie and his boyhood friends.Its hard to put into words how I felt when I entered the cemetery ,like I was at home..Not in the cemetery but in Kilbirnie the resting place of some of my relations long since passed.I hope to return one day soon and embrace the village as my own..Mrs.Ray Bennett was of much help to my Dad and brother and opened her home to us when we visited..She is a real spokesperson for both Kilbirnie and Scotland.. If possible I would like to e-mail with someone from Kilbirnie if possible( thats my address ,hoping to hear from someone soon..Joseph D.SteeleI   1-07-2002


left Kilbirnie 1983 with my family. I now live in Brisbane Australia. It's great to find a site of Kilbirnie. My e-mail address is love to hear from old school mate's Kilbirnie late 50's . Joe Berryman 2-6-2002

Hi I have written before about my Grandad, (i'm Glen by the way) since writing last time sadly my Grandad has died , he had a long and happy life and all of his grandchildren have been left with good memories of him. i would still like to find out about his pigeon racing days if anybody has any info.    When i came up for my Grandads funeral i stayed in a guesthouse in the town,

i would highly recommend it , the owners  ALEC & JAYNE BROWN are really nice people , i really enjoyed my stay (if anybody knows them tell them i will send the key back as soon as i remember, sorry about that), hope it's alright to give FIRBANK a little plug.    I would love to hear from anyone from the town, thanks GLEN  26-05-2002


Not the first time I have left a note on here, hope that does not disqualify me. Amazing to hear from Louise King, or Mrs Brandon as I remember her, and I would just like to leave my email address should anyone else who remembers this little boy from 25 High Street, now an exile in Kent1

Keep up the good work   12-05-2002


I am a former Kilbirnie boy. I came to Canada in 1967 and left a lot of good memories behind me.  My sister still lives in the town and when I can, I come back for a visit. I will be visiting again in 2003   Hope to see all the changes since I was last there.  Glad to see the Auld Toon on the internet.  Good Luck with your web site.  William Anderson  Stratford Ont. CANADA       27-04-2002  

Hi, everyone! I visited this web site a couple of months ago and have been meaning to add a note to the guest book ever since. How wonderful, indeed, that this site was put together. My name is John McGrath Jr.  My wife Margaret & I live in the U.S., in Saddle Brook, NJ, but my father, John Sr., who turned 83 this past April 13, was born in Kilbirnie!!! He and his three siblings immigrated to the US in 1929 (their mother had died of pneumonia just beforehand) where they were met by my grandfather. I'm very happy to say that next month not only will Dad be with us when we visit Margaret's family in Poland, but in the first week of June, Dad will make his first trip back to his native homeland when we arrive in London on the 1st. He will be seeing cousins he has not laid eyes on since he was a boy!!! Sometime during our stay, we do plan on traveling up to Kilbirnie and seeing how everything looks today. The name of the street where Dad and his family lived was named Loading Bank. If anyone has loved ones with memories of the McGraths, the Cliffords (my Dad's relatives), the Cassidys (the maiden name of Dad's mother, Lizzie) or the Thornburns (his neighbors), I would love to hear from you. Or if any of you Kilbirnie folks simply want to drop me a line, I'd love that, too. Warmest regards to one & all!!!   My e-mail address is 22-04-2002                                                           
I have been busy Emailing Beith and I thought that Kilbirnie only had a "fishing in Kilbirnie" site. Innes Ross I remember you and your family---My Mum and Dad lived in the cul de sac at 31 High St ,Sam & Anna King (next door to sarah Mynes) I am Louie KIng and I left for the U.S with my 5 children in 1968.You might remember some of my kids who were Steven,John,Russell,Anna-Louise and Marie Brandon.Yes you are correct---no matter how far we roam we never stop looking for connections to home. I am heading home on the 22nd of May and I am bringing a Grandson with me.A very exciting trip for both of us!!!!!! Louise K.

Hi all.. I've recently registered on the Kilbirnie Ladeside forum, and now I find this site. My name is John Downie (jr.), and left Kilbirnie with my family 27 years ago to go and live in South Africa. It's great to see that Kilbirnie has entered the cyber age, and I hope to see some familiar names.
Cheers John Downie  2002/04/09

Trying to get in touch with margaret gibson(maiden name), i live in australia now and have not seen her for about  15yrs . if anyone has any info as to her location i would appreciate it if they would email me  at        thank you                    08-04-2002

About time Kilbirnie had a web site
Please add more pictures to the site, local views and people
As an boy I used to love playing in the Public Park
Or down the burn by Richardsons paper shop

hi  i used to live in kilbirnie and moved away 5 yrs ago and my name is pauline douglas and would like to get in touch with any of  the people that new me expecially carol mc mahon  and  the twins janice and julie ann who i hung around with since moorpark primary school if anyone knows me please can they write to me @ puddle1019189396! thx

Hello.  I found this website very interesting.  I used to go to Kilbirnie on my holidays to visit my granny and my aunties.  That was 40 odd years ago.  I was hoping to see a picture of Bank Faulds Avenue from the bottom of the hill.  If you havre a picture or know of a website that would have this web site, I would be very pleased.Anne Linton


I stayed in scotland for 8 years, and i left last summer to return to my Home, London. show more pictures of the enviroment and people, i want to be able to show my friends down here what it was like up there. I would like to say Hello all the people that know me, from Dalry, Kilbirnie and Beith. And Garnock Academy is still better than the schools in England, Its the you all Happy new year Hakan Guven     p.s. i might be up there in easter.


I left Kilbirnie in 1982 with my family to head to Australia. Would like to say hello to everyone there and if there is anyone who remembers me they can email me at      Would be interested in hearing what they are up to Colin Berryman Airlie Beach Australia 15-01-02


Hi,I left Kilbirnie in 1986 when I was six years of age. I'm now 21 and live in Newcastle in England.I would love to hear from anyone who went to school
with me or knows my mum,dad or sister- Michael Kelly - Jeanette Kelly -Lorna Kelly who I live  with in Newcastle. Thanks Lisa Kelly
15-01-02 name is Innes Ross and I used to live in High Street, indeed my late father was in the same house until he passed away in April 2001. Strange how we move so far away only to look for connections with "home" at  every opportunity. This I can do now with you're excellent website , thjankyou.                                           D.Innes Ross...28.12.01 

Good to see a website on Kilbirnie; particularly seeing my favourite niece MARI Slavin mentioned. I left Kilbirnie in 1980.  Now in Crewe, Cheshire via Irvine, Holland & Durham over the years. I will visit again and hope to see some more names I recognise. Marion Reid (Menzies)          4-11-01

Just found it;  looking good.   Best of luck.   Will visit often.

 From Ex pat of 30 years ago Morag McKellar (nee Macdonald)  <>   2-11-01

My name is Tom Woodruff. I live in Kilbirnie and have started working on a web site for St Brigid's Church in Kilbirnie. Within it I expect to have a section containing some appropriate history of Kilbirnie. Do you know of a source I can contact to extract this type data? Also, possible information or history about yourselves, photos, or even tips on building a site.   29-10-01

I have just found your site, I left Kilbirnie 20 years ago. I look forward to finding old names on your site. Best regards Stuart Irvine, Brisbane Australia>                                                            27-10-01

Good to have a link with "home".          D Robertson, Adelaide 06-08 2001

Much needed site.                                 D. Buchan, Kilbirnie          5-08-2001

Good luck with the website. I hope its a hit.  Councillor John Bell, Kilbirnie 30-7-2001

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